Catastrophe Emmy Nomination - Carrie Fisher

The late, great and very sadly missed Carrie Fisher has been given a posthumous Emmy nomination for her part in Catastrophe (outstanding guest actress in a comedy).  Working with her was initially exciting and a bit daunting (Star Wars fan since childhood) and then an absolute blast when she turned out to be one of the funnier and more idiosyncratic human beings I've ever met.  She deserves it and then some.  

around the corner from my home

around the corner from my home

The Library Suicides - nominated Best British Feature EFF

Some great news for my last feature, the Thriller "The Library Suicides"!  It was nominated for the Michael Powell Award for Best British Feature at the Edinburgh Film Festival, an award won last year by Andrew Haig's 45 Years and previously by such directors as Derek Jarman, Shane Meadows and Pawel Pawlikowski.  Congratulations to Euros Lyn, director and all the crew who worked their butts off.

Also a massive congratulations for the lead actor in the film, Catrin Stewart, who played identical twins in the film.  It's a much deserved win for a incredible performance by a thoroughly professional actor, who was a pleasure to work with.  Well done!

You can see a clip from the film here



Bastille album preview

Here's a teaser for the new Bastille album "Wild World".  I'll let promo news do the description:

"BISON tempts Bastille's gazillion fans with this seductive 60 second teaser for the new album - presumably called Wild World if the end title card is to be believed. Starting on the eye of a girl, its soon revealed she's falling. And falling a long way, towards a watching crowd, far below.

It's intriguing, mysterious, beautifully done"

Directed by BISON, produced by Tom Birmingham@Good Egg.  Shot on the Phantom Miro.


Back To the Feature

I've been to Aberystwyth to shoot a feature in 3 weeks and survived to tell the tale.  Y Llyfrgell (BFI/BBC Films/Soda Pictures/S4C/Ffilm Cymru Wales) wrapped yesterday and it was perhaps the most challenging shoot of my life but intensely rewarding.  A lot of this is down to Euros Lyn who directed the National Library of Wales set thriller about two twins out to avenge the death of their mother.  His experience, storytelling ability and total confidence in craft and performance were inspiring and pushed me to reach new levels in my own work.  At the centre of the film was absolute head spinner of a performance by Catrin Stewart who played both twins, and played the physically gruelling parts with subtle emotional sensitivity.

And of course a big shout out to my team, without whom there is no chance I would have made it out alive.  Big thanks Sam Ebrahim Riley on focus, Luke Jones 2nd AC, Llion Gethin trainee, Rogan Brown grip, Tim Jordan gaffer, Ben Manwaring best boy and Antonis Tsiakos spark.  Love you guys!!!

Oops we'd already wrapped the camera before we took the camera team pic

Oops we'd already wrapped the camera before we took the camera team pic

New Hot Chip video out plus other new releases

It's been a while since updating as I've been travelling a bit.  Devon, Cornwall, Japan, Taiwan and California.  An interesting, if unorthodox combination!  But a quick news update to say that some new work has come out.  

On the music video front two vids - one for Hot Chip - Started Right directed by Rollo Jackson at Somesuch (shot on super 16).  And one for Marina and the Diamonds - Blue directed by Charlotte Rutherford at Untitled.  They're very different and you can see them below

Also out are a few commercial pieces - A Venus advert starring Emma Willis and a series of stings for the new Vauxhall VIVA, two of which are below.  Watch and hopefully enjoy!

Nicki Minaj - the Night is Still Young

Finally, the Nicki Minaj video I shot is out and about!  It's a Co-DP credit

We shot the street scenes with a ridiculously quick turn around.  I was in an empty studio stage in Leeds on Easter Monday and by Wednesday it had become an almost fully functional Tokyo/Harajuku street.  We had bespoke neon made for us which literally arrived first thing on the shoot day, it was super tight.  We shot on two Alexas with Masterprimes, one on a technocrane and one on sticks getting cutaways and beauty close ups.  Hannah Lux Davis, the director, was great fun to work with, and was totally calm and confident in the eye of the storm of craziness which is a Nicki Minaj video

check it here

behind the scenes:

photo by Lord Whitney

photo by Lord Whitney

Wrapped on the BBC Drama...

...'My Jihad', eps 2, 3 and 4.  It's a name that evokes many possibilities and as it happens this one is (as I've now adopted as the description) a Woody Allen-esque drama-comedy-rom about two young Muslims in London falling for each other.  They hurdle tradition, taboos, family and friends to finally come to a marriage of the heart.  It'll be out in mid June, to coincide with Ramadan, on iPlayer so keep an eye out.  I had a lovely time on it, the director Al Mackay was a pleasure to work with, and we really pushed for a visual integrity in-spite of a very fast schedule. And an especially big thanks to my crew who rocked it!


"Some Candid Observations on the Eve of the End of the World" won best short of the competition in the London Calling scheme.  The award was presented by Stephen Woolley and he had praise for the cinematography amongst other things.  The award was part of Film London's main shorts scheme and the film will now go on to play in the London Film Festival.

It's a sci-fi-social realism-comedy crossover about a young man fantasising about an impending alien apocalypse to avoid dealing with a more grounded issue, the fact he will be a father. It was directed by John Howlett (great job!) and produced by my good friend Cecilia Frugiuele at Parkville Pictures.

A nomination, some new work and a Serbian Adventure

So quite a bit of news to cram in this post.  

1) Disclosure - Latch has been nominated for a MMVA for best international pop video by a group

It's now up to 45 million views on youtube!

It's now up to 45 million views on youtube!

2) The documentary I filmed in Rjukan mentioned a few posts ago has gone live, and it's really good!  A very charming and idiosynchratic little story, excellantly directed by Tom Barbor-Might.  Please do have a watch...

3) I've just returned from Belgrade, Serbia, where I was filming a commercial for Vanish with the directing duo Nathan Camponi and Marc Ingham.  They were a delight to work with and had some interesting ideas on how to make the piece feel naturalistic and fun, removed from your typical detergent ad.  Belgrade was an intriguing mix of architectural styles, reflecting it's history of massive changes, and it looked fantastic on camera.  The local crew were spot on.  Will hopefully be able to put it up soon.

Just wrapped on Price Waterhouse Cooper commercial

Just wrapped on a tough but very fun Price Waterhouse Cooper internet commercial shooting with the lovely director Nathan Prince and the production company Not to Scale.  

There will be 5 films in total and each one has the tagline "the world is in Beta", describing the notion that technology is improving our lives at a rapid pace, and we're only just getting started.  

In each film expectations are slightly subverted so that we see what at first appears an everyday scene, only for a soon-to-be tech to be at the core of the experiences.  For instance in one film we see a couple seemingly watching a youtube video on a mobile phone, whilst in bed on a sunny morning.  It is revealed however that they in fact have an ultrasound app and they're using it to see their baby to be.  The pieces are very simple but nicely visual in their reveals.

The shoot took place over 3 days across very varied locations, from a wind farm in Oxfordshire to a plant nursery to the top of Primrose Hill.  

I enjoyed shooting with the Kowa Anamorphics onto the 4.3 Alexa.  The newly rehoused Movietech set are full of personality and hopefully added an atmospheric edge to the seemingly everyday situations, that reflected the purpose of the films.  Watch this space to see them!

It's a wrap

It's a wrap

The epic plant nursery

The epic plant nursery

Wrapping the camera gear with a dog

Wrapping the camera gear with a dog