Nicki Minaj - the Night is Still Young

Finally, the Nicki Minaj video I shot is out and about!  It's a Co-DP credit

We shot the street scenes with a ridiculously quick turn around.  I was in an empty studio stage in Leeds on Easter Monday and by Wednesday it had become an almost fully functional Tokyo/Harajuku street.  We had bespoke neon made for us which literally arrived first thing on the shoot day, it was super tight.  We shot on two Alexas with Masterprimes, one on a technocrane and one on sticks getting cutaways and beauty close ups.  Hannah Lux Davis, the director, was great fun to work with, and was totally calm and confident in the eye of the storm of craziness which is a Nicki Minaj video

check it here

behind the scenes:

photo by Lord Whitney

photo by Lord Whitney