A nomination, some new work and a Serbian Adventure

So quite a bit of news to cram in this post.  

1) Disclosure - Latch has been nominated for a MMVA for best international pop video by a group 


It's now up to 45 million views on youtube!

It's now up to 45 million views on youtube!

2) The documentary I filmed in Rjukan mentioned a few posts ago has gone live, and it's really good!  A very charming and idiosynchratic little story, excellantly directed by Tom Barbor-Might.  Please do have a watch...

3) I've just returned from Belgrade, Serbia, where I was filming a commercial for Vanish with the directing duo Nathan Camponi and Marc Ingham.  They were a delight to work with and had some interesting ideas on how to make the piece feel naturalistic and fun, removed from your typical detergent ad.  Belgrade was an intriguing mix of architectural styles, reflecting it's history of massive changes, and it looked fantastic on camera.  The local crew were spot on.  Will hopefully be able to put it up soon.